Hello everyone and welcome to the home of  “The KLONE of ROCK & ROLL”!!!

My name is Terry Price and I’m a professional Elvis Tribute Artist who has dedicated my life to remembering the most iconic music entertainer of all time, Elvis Presley. Elvis not only created an entire industry called Rock & Roll, but also captivated the hearts & minds of millions of people all over the world. His legendary stage presence and powerful voice changed music history forever, and to this day he remains the “ultimate” American Idol.  

For over a decade I have personally entertained thousands of music fans all across the country in the hopes of keeping Elvis’s memory alive. I’ve left many fans with either a memory of Elvis or a new love for the King of Rock & Roll. My shows are a pure Elvis experience and "Kloned" to be as close to the King of Rock & Roll as you’ll ever see.

So whether you’re a casual fan of music or a serious Elvis fan, my hope is to leave you with an experience of what it might have been like to see the "King of Rock and Roll" during his lifetime.

All right folks, please take some time to tour my special pages, which include my personal photos, video clips and schedule of performances. I sincerely hope they capture your attention, as “The Klone of Rock & Roll” would love to be apart of your next event!

All the best,

TCB ~Terry Price

“The Klone of Rock & Roll”


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